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Set Up Own Garage Sale

– Set up a date and time when you can dedicate gathering up all those assorted, old articles that you intend to sell in your garage sale, as well as being able to attend the sale.

– Plan just what items you intend to put in the sale.

– Decide whether you are going to hold the sale alone, or if you would like to have it with some other families.

– Be sure to have plenty of change on hand, both coins and paper money.

– You need to advertise and stick up hand written announcements a few days prior to the sale. Be explicit, concise and honest. Indicate specific place, date and time of the sale.

– Provide good descriptive details to avoid frustrating prospective buyers. Don’t drop the price of antiques, whether these are in good condition or broken.

– See that you include kids’ items in your sale. For example, doll clothing and accessories are always in demand, and dolls and stuffed toys are a hit with the kids. Remember that children are very persuasive when it comes to making their moms buy them something or just about anything they lay their eyes on.

– String up a clothesline to display any clothing items you may have.

– Set up card tables (or ping-pong tables) to display small merchandise. Set up these tables in a way that will leave sufficient elbow room for shoppers to browse without feeling crowded. Display your wares attractively. Make sure they are clean, usable (this is most important), and priced temptingly.

– Your prospective buyers are hunting for bargains. Don’t let them down. Keep in mind that the items you put up for sale are those you no longer have any need for anyway and, therefore, whatever you get from these items is surely a welcome addition.

– Put a price tag on every item. This will save you a lot of time from answering all those “how much” questions.

– Make sure you have electrical outlets close at hand to test all electrical appliances – irons, hair dryers, electric razors, blenders, toasters, electric skillets, electric fans, coffee makers, rice cookers, etc.

– Price drinking glasses, cups and dishes in sets instead of individually. These pieces will sell faster this way.

– Records, magazines, paperback books and items that have titles, on the other hand, will sell more easily if they are price-marked separately.