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All about Bathroom Tile Design


If the area you have in mind is small and the tiles have designs on them, use a smaller size as large size does not help in giving a light airy feel. Also too large a image may not suit small area so choose a smaller one.


The visual effect that you can achieve is limited only by your own imagination. A large variety of standard designs are now available. Some manufacturers may even make a special custom product for you.


Google pictures is a great place to get some thought juices going. There are over a million pictures here alone.

For more inspiration, look at magazines or every day buildings as you travel around.


There are several types and styles available but the one most suitable and used by professional craftsmen are the water resistant ceramic type. At the planning stage, those are the ones you usually need.


If you use a plain color, the size isn’t that important, however try to follow the rule above anyway.

To help, I cover this quite important subject in some depth another article, as it really does set the tone and mood you may be trying to achieve.

Use of natural and artificial light.

Here’s the trick, to get a light airy feeling.

A small areas can present real problems but this were a little fore thought comes in very handy.
Lack of space can make an area feel cramped. So try and use plenty of light which helps and so does a mirror or two on the walls. Light color is an excellent way to give a sense of getting that bigger, more airy feel going. The key is get available light reflecting, so giving that impression that the room is larger than it really is. Try to use white or light pastel colors. Dark colors will give the opposite effect,of been closed in.

Mosaic and the power of contrast.

Most washroom areas are just plain white,which is fine if that’s all you want. I always think is a bit like been in a clinical area of some sort. Yes it is light and airy but bland and a bit boring.
Using a light color as the main background,use a more decorative mosaic to add interest,which really works wonders. A whole range of colors and shades are available to chose from. How about the image sea wave going around at waist level or ducks? What ever pushes your buttons. Give a little thought to how the result will look as you go. Keep an eye open look at other peoples for ideas.