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Space Exploration in Home

Lofts or attics are typically used for long-term storage, or even left to stand empty, in many houses. It’s a waste of valuable space as a loft conversion can add several rooms to the home – often with great natural lighting from skylights or windows that are unshaded by nearby buildings. Plenty of light makes loft rooms ideal for a home office, or there’s the possibility of creating a small ‘studio flat’ with a large bedroom/sitting-room and ensuite bathroom; even a kitchenette if the space is available.

This may be the perfect place for teenagers craving independence, and would be great for a lodger once they eventually do leave the nest. Because a loft conversion essentially takes advantage of unused space, there’s little impact on the existing rooms in the house, but do bear in mind that a staircase usually needs to be added if the loft is to be used every day!

If another bedroom isn’t needed and you’re just looking for a little more living space downstairs, a conservatory can be a great choice

All about Bathroom Tile Design


If the area you have in mind is small and the tiles have designs on them, use a smaller size as large size does not help in giving a light airy feel. Also too large a image may not suit small area so choose a smaller one.


The visual effect that you can achieve is limited only by your own imagination. A large variety of standard designs are now available. Some manufacturers may even make a special custom product for you.


Google pictures is a great place to get some thought juices going. There are over a million pictures here alone.

For more inspiration, look at magazines or every day buildings as you travel around.


There are several types and styles available but the one most suitable and used by professional craftsmen are the water resistant ceramic type. At the planning stage, those are the ones you usually need.


If you use a plain color, the size isn’t that important, however try to follow the rule

Tricks Remove Wallpaper in Wall


Before you do anything you want to determine, as best you, can how easy the paper will come off. If you applied the paper initially, did you “size” the walls? “Sizing is a primer product made to prepare walls for wallpaper and can be found wherever wall paper products are sold. If so, your paper should come off without much difficulty. If paper is applied directly to the sheetrock it’s almost impossible to remove it without damaging the sheetrock. Builders often do this when they build a house to save time and money, so if the wallpaper has been there since the house was built this may be true in your case.

Look for a loose corner on your paper and pull it slowly. Is the paper thin or thick? Does the piece break off quickly or does it pull more paper with it? If the paper pulls fairly easy and the paper is thick your job will probably be easier than if it is very thin and stuck firmly to the wall.


Stainless Steel Sinks

  • Stainless steel sinks are relatively easy to clean and they tend to stay looking new for a longer period of time as long as they are cared for properly. You would not have to worry about leaving orange juice stains overnight, as it can easily be cleaned the following day. Stains can cause dulling and scratching however, so it is still best to wipe debris and spills as soon as possible. Putting rubber or plastic mats in the sink can protect it from scratches and protect its shiny surface.
  • There are lots of durable and beautiful stainless steel sinks that do not have rims or seams. The absence of seams gives a very modern and sleek appearance. These are usually made from one single solid steel sheet. Seamless sinks are easiest to clean and to keep clean. There are no crevices or cracks where bacteria, germs and grime can hide in.
  • Stainless steel sinks come in various styles so that you can easily find one that will suit your kitchen theme and style. They are also available in various colors, sizes, and finishes so that it is compatible with any kind of cabinetry or furniture.
  • Stainless steel sinks come

Bespoke Furniture

Do your research

Choosing the right craftsman is probably the most important decision you will make during the project. The best way to find a reputable cabinet-maker is by word of mouth. Regardless of whether they come by recommendation or through an advertisement, you should always ask to see some of their past commissions – they will probably have a portfolio to show you, but visiting past customers and looking at finished products will give you a better idea of the service and quality of work.

Check for hidden costs

A good cabinet-maker will pay a visit to you at home in order to see where the furniture is to go and to discuss how you will be using it and what specific ideas you have. They will then draw up a design for you and give you an initial quote, but be aware that you may be charged separately for the design itself before any work is started. This is simply to deter time-wasters, but make sure you establish whether the initial quote you are given includes this.

Measure up

It may seem obvious, but once your cabinet-maker has supplied you with

Faucet Replacement

The first step in faucet replacement is looking for the right faucet. Although there are many types, styles and combinations of faucets in the market today, the first thing you have to be concerned about is whether the faucet you choose will fit into the old sink.

Also keep in mind that for supply connections, there are two possibilities. Your faucet could either have flexible copper supply inlets found in the center of the unit, or the inlets could be located under the hot and cold handles.

Before anything else, shut off the main water supply. You can do this by shutting off the control valve found under the sink. It is also recommended that you prepare all the necessary materials beforehand, and don’t forget to prepare some penetrating oil in case the mounting nuts are hard to remove, and are stuck. It is also best if you have someone around to help you in handing out the tools as you work. Also, don’t forget to plug the drain with rags so that small parts like screws and bolts cannot go down the drain.

– Remove the old fixture

First, remove the nuts that

Build Wood Fence

Before you get started you must first figure out your fence line. This will help you calculate the materials needed to build your fence. When determining your fence line the best thing to do is talk to your neighbors. If you’re in disagreement you can look for the property survey markers or if all else fails have your property surveyed. It’s best to keep the entire fence on your property. Once you know the fence line mark it with a string line. Using stakes hammered into the ground run the line 2 feet past each end of the fence line. Secure the string tightly to the stakes.

Next you need to treat your posts by following the manufacturers recommendations. I would suggest treatment at least 8 inches above ground level. You can also purchase posts that are pre-treated from your lumber store if you wish.

Measure your post holes 8 feet apart. I wouldn’t recommend any further apart as through time your fence may sag or lean. Dig the holes about 28 inches deep. Make sure all posts are of equal distance apart. It’s now time to prepare your concrete for setting the posts. Mix your

Information of Garage Floor Painting

Most garages have oil and grease stains, these spills make the floor unsightly and hard to clean. Garage floor painting with the right type of paint will make cleaning spills much easier because these paints are made to withstand the grease and oils spilled in your garage. Before you apply any paint though, the floor must be completely clean. You will likely have to purchase some type of cleaner that will remove all the stains and dirt from the floor. In addition, the floor must be completely dry before applying any paint.

When cleaning your garage floor, it is very important to wear the proper protective clothing such as gloves and safety glasses. There are concrete floor cleaners available at most hardware stores or do it yourself centers. If you cannot find a commercial concrete cleaner then a mixture of three parts water to one part bleach may work. Apply the cleaner to the stains and after a few minutes, scrub with a stiff bristled brush. Then you must rinse thoroughly and wait for it to dry before doing any garage floor painting. A pressure washer would be a good idea for the rinsing part of the

Tips Hang Window Box

(1) brackets are installed to the home and then the box is secured separately to the brackets or (2) the window box is bolted directly to the home through the back face of the box.

If brackets are used, they are generally functional, although sometimes faux brackets are available that lend no mounting support at all. To mount brackets you will need to begin by measuring the height of the box and offsetting the brackets by that distance beneath the window sill. Next, you will need to measure equal horizontal spacing from the center of the window sill to each side for bracket placement. If the box is longer than 48″, three or more brackets are generally recommended. To hang a window box on siding or stucco, you will want to find the studs and anchor the brackets at those points for the most support. The stud is best found inside the house and under the window with a stud finder. Screw the bracket through the siding with four 4″ thick gauge screws, two at the top and two at the bottom.

To hang a window box on brick, you will need to repeat what was

Set Up Own Garage Sale

– Set up a date and time when you can dedicate gathering up all those assorted, old articles that you intend to sell in your garage sale, as well as being able to attend the sale.

– Plan just what items you intend to put in the sale.

– Decide whether you are going to hold the sale alone, or if you would like to have it with some other families.

– Be sure to have plenty of change on hand, both coins and paper money.

– You need to advertise and stick up hand written announcements a few days prior to the sale. Be explicit, concise and honest. Indicate specific place, date and time of the sale.

– Provide good descriptive details to avoid frustrating prospective buyers. Don’t drop the price of antiques, whether these are in good condition or broken.

– See that you include kids’ items in your sale. For example, doll clothing and accessories are always in demand, and dolls and stuffed toys are a hit with the kids. Remember that children are very persuasive when it comes to making their moms buy them something or just about

About Styrofoam Products

EPS Styrofoam can be used for sculptures in case you are looking for something to enhance your business or home. You can even build a life-size giant logo for your company out of Styrofoam. Also, each piece of Styrofoam you order will be cut and shaped into your exact specifications.

Don’t spend a fortune on your cake displays for your company when you can do it the easy and affordable way with Styrofoam. Since Styrofoam is so lightweight and durable, it makes a perfect product for cake displays. You can even choose from a number of different sized cake displays to fit your needs exactly.

Since Styrofoam is available in sheets, blocks, and various shapes, it makes an excellent product for your arts and craft hobbies. Crafting is a relaxing and challenging past time that can be enhanced with Styrofoam products. Styrofoam can be used in a variety of different ways to enhance your entire crafting experience. Since Styrofoam comes with a smooth surface with great adhesion to paint, you can make just about anything.

Or, perhaps you are a baseball fanatic. Now you can pitch to your very own home-made indoor pitching mound with

Tricks Install Floor Tile

The technique to installing floor tile is start laying the floor from the center of the room. The measure of the room should be done exactly and the any irregularities ignored. The center location on the floor has to be marked accurately using a chalk line. Lines should be drawn across the length and breadth of the room and the place where the lines intersect is the center. Recheck the accuracy of the center position as it is very important for quality floor tile installation.

The second step is to lay loose tile from the centre along the marked chalk lines. After laying the loose tiles, measure the distance of the last tile from the wall. This will give you an idea of the size of the last tile that needs to be placed to finish the row. Once you have an idea by placing the loose tiles you can have an idea of the number of tiles required to complete the entire room.

The third step is to place different color tiles at different locations as per your choice. Open the boxes and place the tiles at the accurate places on the floor. Now, start

Home Security Projects

Check the lighting around your home

How well is your home illuminated at night? Are the doors and windows dark or well lit? Motion activated lights are a great way to illuminate the outside of your home without having to leave the light on all night long.

Check the shrubs and bushes around your home

Have the bushes grown up so tall that you can not see the window from the street? If so, it is time to break out the hedge clippers and trim back the bushes. Tall bushes are a great place for a bugler to hide in and work on breaking into your home.

Add home security devices

If you already have a home security system installed, take an inventory of the accessories. There are a lot of home security accessories, such as sirens, strobe lights, motion detectors, surveillance cameras, and glass break detectors that can be added to your security system.

A commonly overlooked accessory category is fire and smoke detection. Consider adding smoke, heat and carbon dioxide detectors to your home security system.

A secure and locking mailbox

Why do you need one? Simple, two

Timber Retaining Wall

Timber Tie-Backs

If your wall will be higher than about 18 inches use tie-back timbers every eight or ten feet on various levels to hold your wall upright and make sure it will not fall forward due to the constant pressure exerted upon it from behind (top failure). To add a tie-back timber, simply lay one timber perpendicular to the other timbers but with its length extending into the area that will be back filled. When the area is back filled this timber will act as an anchor to hold the wall in place and ensure your timber retaining wall will last.

Timbers United into One Structure

One aspect of my retaining wall design which is a little different from others you may see is that I prefer to unite the entire timber retaining wall structure with re-bar driven vertically through all the timbers and into the ground via a hole that is drilled through all the retaining wall timbers after they are completely stacked. The re-bar should fit tightly into the drilled hole.

This step might be an overkill but I like strong stuff that lasts a long time. An alternative but similar

Step by step Build Trebuchet

If you’re building a trebuchet for the sole purpose of your high school physics teacher’s amusement, then you should probably consider one of the counterweight variety. If, on the other hand, you are building a trebuchet for fun or self education, the traction trebuchet may be something to seriously consider. (Keep in mind that at least three-fourths of the “free” plans on the web are of the counterweight flavor.)

Once you have determined your design plan, you probably want to decide on a suitable size. If your looking to launch bowling balls the length of a football field, you will want a much larger trebuchet than if your intending to launch eggs at incoming traffic. Which, of course, is a BAD thing to do. (Based on personal experience most drivers won’t enjoy chipping dried egg off their windshield.) Another point of interest is whether or not to buy premade trebuchet kits or design plans for your trebuchet. If you are just a beginner, kits are excellent to use. Plans also will help you out immensely if you are just a beginner.

Now, the next step is construction of your trebuchet. For most people, I would suggest

Install An Exterior Door

Let’s take a look at how a door functions so that you will have a better understanding of all of the different components that are attached to the door and why they are important.

A door is held up by various door hardware such as door hinges and the door hinge is connected to the frame and the door with hinge pins. There is going to be a door knob or door handle, door lockset, and other various door hardware that you might add to your exterior door to increase the look of it.

Generally an exterior door is going to be 32″ and 36″ in width, and 6″8 or taller in height. These are the standard sizes that give us the necessary width that we need to fit most of our furniture and appliances through.

Okay now let’s take a look a t how you can easily install an exterior door.

First you are going to need to remove the molding from around the door so that you can expose the nails. Now once the molding is removed you will take your sawzall and begin cutting the nails around the door. Doing this

Info of Home Projects

Everybody needs a “pat on the back” now and again. The successful completion of home projects will obviously instill a sense of pride but better still will have your better half acknowledge your success with pride. I find that outdoor home projects such as building a storage shed may also have the neighbours green with envy.

There are many home projects that enhance the value of a home, one of the most important being building a wooden deck. By utilising the best plans available you will have no trouble creating a masterpiece for less than half the cost of a contractor and also increase the value of your home substantially.

Using excellent plans, together with the necessary BOM (bill of materials) will exponentially save you money and enhance you reputation as a DIY expert with family, friends and neighbours. So whether your home projects include electrical work, plumbing or building a garden fence and more, get the best advice available.

Solar systems are gaining ground. This is not a DIY project at this stage and you should have professional installation. The beauty of a solar energy installation is that you will have free energy after

Interior Waterproofing of Basement

1. Prevent

To prevent leakage, concentrate on sealing walls and draining water away from the foundation of your home when planning an interior waterproofing of basement. Use silicone caulk or tanking mechanisms to fill in cracks, holes and depressions on walls. Either solution will literally hold water back from your basement walls.

Furthermore, try using drainage systems along with your sealants when assembling the interior waterproofing of basement. Cavity drainage can be placed in wall and floor linings to push water away. Use the exterior foundation drain if you want superior protection. The exterior foundation drain is convenient in a way that it uses gravity to pump water out so you won’t actually need pumps or electricity.

Interior waterproofing of basement is useful if you are on a budget. Interior waterproofing is actually more affordable compared to exterior waterproofing. Exterior waterproofing will need excavation and therefore costs so much more.

2. Cut down moisture

As mentioned earlier, moist can do extensive damage on almost any material. So even if you’ve already sealed wall cracks and provided drainage systems, you still need to be prepared. For example, the weather could be extremely humid for

Ways Build Fireplace

I tried reading up on it, only to learn that I didn’t know half of the terminology they used. What’s a 2×3 anyway, and does anyone know what mortar is? That wasn’t a big deal, though. I could always harass the guys at the local hardware store until they explained things to me.

Unfortunately, I was going to have a party within the week I planned to have the fireplace completed. In fact, the book I was reading was called, “Build Your Own Fireplace in a Week.” Great. So I had dried mortal on my hardwood floors, stone pieces scattered all over the plaqce, and some kind of large box I had tried to build.

It was all sitting in the middle of my den floor, and I wasn’t even halfway done. I had to keep re-cutting the stones I was trying to use because I couldn’t get them to all fit together perfectly. This called for action! This is how I got my new fireplace.So, here is how I got my new fireplace!

I decided on the perfect fireplace I wanted and let them swipe my credit card. They came to my house and

Simple Tropical Floral Decorations

An interesting thing about using dried twigs is that you can make a bouquet that will last really very long.

All you got to do is to glue a leaf to a small tube, attach an iron rod to the tube and use the iron rod to tie the tube to the twig. You can then place any flower you like in the tube and this will give a real nice look plus you’ve got an infinite number of possibilities if you got a choice of various flowers in your garden.

It’s really worth trying.

Some additional tips:

You can use a gold spray to embellish the palm leaves

Some artificial flowers can also be attached to the dried twigs. This will give a nice look to the general arrangement.

If you do not have the iron rod at hand, you can use cotton threads or any other threads. Green ones will look better.

So table pieces, it would be better to keep the arrangement flat, while for other pieces, the height can be kept tall.

Always make sure to attain a balance in the arrangement, otherwise the arrangement will